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Alex Ramirez, PhD

Educated at Imperial College in biochemistry and bioentrepreneurship. Professional background in big Pharma and biotech R&D. Experienced in managing multi-million discovery projects, science patents and publications.

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Prof. William Rosenberg

Completed medical training at Guy’s Hospital (London) before obtaining a PhD in molecular and cellular immunology from the University of Oxford. He is now a physician with 30 years of clinical experience, and the CEO of a clinical-stage diagnostics company. 


Anna Bonetto, MSc

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Bachelor degree in Medical Biotechnology, now enrolled in Business Administration and Bioentrepreneurship at CBS.

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Dr. Will Peveler

Obtained a chemistry degree from Oxford University and a PhD from UCL (London) in nanomaterials. He is currently an assitant professor with research expertise in Bio-sensing and nanoscience.  

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